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Welcome to my site,

where you can see part of my collection of Naïf paintings.

My name is Luigi Braghiroli, I was born in Reggio Emilia where I still live with my wife Liliana (visit her site at www.lilliba.it ).

I am self-taught, as my studies had nothing to do with Art or painting, which I grew to love as time passed and started to collect paintings of the Naïf Movement.

My passion for this subject led to my collaboration with Prof. Emanuele Filini on the compilation of the “Dizionario degli Artisti Reggiani” (Dictionary of Reggiano Artists).

I have written some articles on Naïf Art for newspapers and specialistic reviews.


I have also participated in some exhibitions as member of a jury panel.


My passion for Naïf Art dates right back to when the great Masters – Ligabue, Rovesti, Mozzali and Ghizzardi – were inspired to start this movement of painters known

as "Primitives", "Naturals", etc. 


At that time, many other painters worked alongside the great Masters but with varying degrees of success and many ups and downs. These painters have been the object of my studies and research and I also collect their works.


n this gallery you will find a photo of only one picture per artist.


Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or need any information.

LUIGI  BRAGHIROLI      Via S.Folloni,7   Reggio Emilia   ITALY       Tel. 3393258728

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